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The Future of Nutrition Starts Here

Nutritional Health: A Key Driver of Positive Outcomes

Diamond delivers personalized, turn-key programs that allow you to effortlessly integrate nutrition into your clinical program. The result: improved overall patient outcomes and added value for your practice or health system. Our comprehensive business model includes all aspects of administration and logistics, providing easy, seamless integration into your current organizational structure.

The Value of a Diamond Partnership

“The benefits of including nutrition in primary care outweigh its costs. Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes are all linked with poor diet and were all identified as risk factors for hospitalization and even death from COVID.”


We help meet your patients’ needs from the environment they already trust, know and love—their physician and health system.


Our team of registered, licensed medical nutritionists are both skilled clinicians and gifted counselors, and ensure a high standard of patient care equal to your own.


We dramatically reduce health care costs, saving you $4 for every $1 spent on Nutrition counseling. This averages $1,100 in savings per patient, resulting in up to millions of dollars in savings annually.


Our virtual, fully-integrated HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform can be deployed to speak to patients and members across the country.

We Take Care of:

Benefits Eligibility Verification
Patient Scheduling
Insurance Billing & Collections
Marketing Materials

Weight Management: Overlay within most specialties

Endocrinology: Obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance (PCOS), thyroid, bone disease, obesity, hypertension, lipid abnormalities (NALD, PVD, pancreatitis)

GI: IBS, IBD (including Crohn’s, Colitis), intolerances/sensitivities (gluten, lactose, etc.)

OB/GYN: Prenatal, PCOS, Menopause (many nutrition-related concerns and solutions)

Renal: Nutrition intervention is critical to manage and delay onset of complications of renal disease

Sleep Medicine: many types of foods and eating styles affect sleep quality.

Cardiology: Managing lipid disorders and associated co-morbidities (hypertension, CHF)

Orthopedics: osteoporosis, weight management

Geriatric Medicine: Any of the above may be pertinent. Our staff works to insure patient is not only educated nutritionally, but connected to resources to improve outcomes outside of disease-specific recommendations.

Food Allergies

Oncology: Nutrition related to cancer

Family nutrition: many food issues as well as support to work together harmoniously.

Adolescent and Pediatric Medicine: eating disorders; weight gain or loss; malnutrition and picky eaters; sports nutrition; seizure disorders; failure to thrive; and their respective diets (ketogenic and many others); education for many diet regimens to insure adequate knowledge and meeting nutrient needs for growth, sexual maturity and overall good health. (poor knowledge and poor food choices common in this population).

Did You Know?

Partnership with Diamond Telehealth Nutrition enables access to financial incentives from Medicare & Medicaid when you become an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or a Comprehensive Primary Care Program (CPC+).